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Released in January 2022!

She Leads: The Women's Guide to a Career in Educational Leadership!

In this heartfelt and refreshingly honest guide, educators Dr. Rachael George and Majalise Tolan empower women leaders in education to embrace their dreams, break through barriers, rebound from setbacks, and lead with skill and authenticity. They’re joined by dozens of diverse women in educational leadership roles, whose personal stories reveal the vulnerability, strength, and resilience of female leaders. With wisdom and implementable guidance that’s applicable to early-career leaders and veterans alike, the book is designed to help you land your dream job, make sure your voice is heard, find (and offer) support, attain better balance, and learn the leadership style that suits your strengths.

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Released in November 2020!

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Drum roll please....

Kate Barker, Kourtney Ferrua, and I are thrilled to share our new book, PrincipalED: Navigating the Leadership Learning Curve.

We believe education needs strong leaders. Principals are critical to school success; however, we rarely discuss how challenging this leap into the limelight can be and how to do it well. We believe that principals need and deserve a supportive crew of other administrators to champion and amplify them. We believe that every administrator who is willing to put in the hard work can achieve incredible outcomes for kids. We want to leverage the achievement and impact of other administrators.

This book is about the replication of success and amplification of ideas. We want to share with others the lessons we have learned on the leadership learning curve about how to simultaneously have high expectations for student success while fostering a supportive and vibrant school culture.

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